BHRT Book Recommendations

Reviews Are Provided By Dr. Mark A. Gonzalez, Compounding Pharmacist

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer:
by M.D./Zava John R. Lee Davi - CLICK TO BUY

A must read for every woman.  Dr. Zava and the late Dr. Lee review in detail

many of the common causes and origins of Breast Cancer.  Years of research

and patient data are compiled and organized into one source.  Educate yourself

and take charge of your breast health.


Natural Hormone Replacement for Women over 45: For Women over 45 by Jonathan V. Wright - CLICK TO BUY

A concise and comprehensive book on Natural Hormone Replacement.

Dr. Wright covers all of the important differences between synthetic

and natural "bio-identical" hormone replacement.  This is the book

that I give to every woman I consult with. 


The Sexy Years By Suzanne Somers - CLICK TO BUY

Very few books have brought the topic of BHRT to light more than

"The Sexy Years".  Suzanne Somers details her experience with BHRT

and provides the reader with interviews that she has had with current

leaders in BHRT therapy. 


The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause: Balance Your Hormones Naturally By Nisha Jackson Ph.D. - CLICK TO BUY

This book is my new favorite for several reasons.  It contains accurate and

up to date information including data regarding the important Women's

Health Initiative Study (WHI) that changed the way practitioners

prescribe HRT.  Dr. Jackson also provides a step by step approach

on how patients can get started on Bio-Identical HRT.


Natural Hormone Balance For Women By Uzzi Reiss - CLICK TO BUY

The well known Dr. Reiss provides readers with a simplistic, thorough,

and easy to read review of Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy.

Each chapter is well organized and easy to reference.  When physicians

call and ask for a book recommendation this book is one of the top on

my list. 


Menopause Without Medicine By Linda Ojeda - CLICK TO BUY

This one of a kind book addresses the all important issue of

proper nutrition and vitamin supplementation for the menopausal

patient.  Dr. Ojeda is one of the first authors ever to tackle the

topic of menopause and has always continued to provide

updated and well supported data to her readers.


The Hormone of Desire By Susan Rako - CLICK TO BUY

The only book that completely focuses on testosterone and its

influence on women's sexuality.  Testosterone is an important

hormone in women's health and is often ignored.  This book will

enlighten and educate the reader regarding this all essential hormone.


The Testosterone Syndrome By Eugene Shippen - CLICK TO BUY

The best book regarding andropause and a must read for all men.

Dr. Shippen provides patients with a review of all of the important

factors that influence andropause including low testosterone levels

and the often forgotten high estrogen levels.  Men have hormone

issues just like women do and this book answers many of the

questions that men often have regarding their health.


The Andropause Mystery By Dr. Robert Tan - CLICK TO BUY

Dr. Tan is one of the nations leading experts in the area of andropause.

He has provided this easy-to-read guide which details years of his

experiences with patients.  Written with the patient in mind this book

leads patients to pertinent information regarding andropause.



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